Oh for the Love of Peet(a)!

To paraphrase Descartes: I ship Everlark, therefore I am.
Pansycakes need not apply.

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Y’all - I just took the online test to become a contestant on Jeopardy (for the 4th time) and one of the questions was - This movie takes place in a fictional country named Panem.  It’s a sign!  I KNOW I’ll be chosen this time around!!  Alex Trebeck - I’m coming for you motherfucker!


  1. erin-babbit said: Will you quote this word for word for your introduction? “Yeah, it’s a funny story Alex…”
  2. 78bathsheba said: I hope you get in! And when you do, and they ask you about yourself, make sure to look straight into the camera and say “I like your shoelaces.” Then we’ll all be like, “Holy shit IT’S FAMOUSFREMUS!!!”
  3. fnurfnur said: FUCK YES!
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