Oh for the Love of Peet(a)!

To paraphrase Descartes: I ship Everlark, therefore I am.
Pansycakes need not apply.

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ive seen so many boobs/dicks/naked ppl on tumblr that i think at this stage if i saw a naked person walking down the street irl id just shrug and keep walking 

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Literally the best bromance to ever bromance

I have a lot of feels about turk and jd. Yeah they were both straight but they loved each other and it never was a “no homo” thing. It got pretty homo at times and they embraced it and it didn’t matter. The joke wasn’t that they were gay, it wasn’t even a joke. They had serious friend love for each other and showed it in healthy ways. It showed cis men that were compassionate for each other in a positive way(yeah it got goofy at times but it was a comedy)

Sorry I love scrubs.

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There can never be too many bread-wielding Peetas…


There can never be too many bread-wielding Peetas…

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Anonymous asked: Whenever I'm down, I picture the look of pure joy on Peeta's face the first time he sees his daughter. He didn't think anyone could eclipse Katniss in his mind and heart, but in that moment, his baby daughter did.